We are a full service computer repair company offering variety of Laptop and Desktop Computer solutions for residents of Northern and Central New Jersey. When you need your computer fixed fast and affordably we're just a call away. Our services are available same day onsite, you can bring in your computer to our shop in Bergen County, we can pick up your computer from anywhere in NJ and bring it back when fixed. A lot of our customers Mail-In their laptops to us for repairs, we usually get it back in the mail next day, finally we offer remote computer services. Our computer repair technicians are highly trained and motivated to perform all repairs and services fast and accurately. Count on SupremeComputerSolutions to get your computer or laptop repaired and running no matter what the problem might be. We will relieve the frustration of PC installations, help you optimize the configuration of your PC components and will revolutionize the way you use your PC.

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Virus & Spyware Removal
We'll remove the malware infections from your computer without the need to reload the operating system...
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Microsoft Windows Repair Most of the time we can repair your operating system without the need to reload it and reinstall everything...
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System Restore Service We'll restore your system to brand new original condition just as when you bought it, without loosing your files...
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Windows 8 Upgrade
Upgrade your computer to the newest, fastest, safest & Microsoft Windows t Operating System...
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Slow Computer Tune-up Your computer does not have to be slow, we can make it super fast, even better than new...
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Parental Control Setup Upgrade your expired Windows XP to a moden Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating System.
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Laptop LCD Screen Repair

If you have a cracked, dim, white, vertical lines, distorted Laptop LCD screen, we can help with that...
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Laptop Power Port Repair
Problem charging the battery? DC power jack plug feels loose you have to wiggle it to work? We can help with that...
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Laptop Hinges Repair
Broken or loose hinges are very common and not a problem. We stock hinges for many popular laptop models...
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Laptop Keyboard Repair

Missing keys, sticky keys, or when it just won't work we'll fix that broken keyboard and we'll get you typing again...
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Laptop Touchpad Repair

After years of usage, it'll wear out or simply just die, whatever the case, we can fix that faulty touchpad...
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Dropped\Liquid Spills

Accidents happen and bad days occur and when you think its dead, come to us we'll bring it back to life...
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Won't Power On Repair

You go to turn it on one day and nothing happens, don't panic we can bring back your computer from the dead...
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Overheating Repair

Heat is the biggest enemy of computers. Its crucial to keep it cool. We can help with your PC cooling system problems...
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Hardware Upgrades

Don't throw out your outdated computer, upgrade it. We can make your computer faster for a lot less money...
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Internet Connection Repair

Can't get online, can't surf the web, can't read that email can be very frustrating. good thing we can fix that..
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Wireless Router Setup

Setting up and securing that wireless router can be a difficult task, we can help with that...
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Home/Office Networking

More than one computer? Make life easier and more efficient by networking all of your computers together...
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Printer\File Sharing Setup

Print from anywhere in the house, from multiple computers using just one printer, we can help with that..
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Remote Access Setup

Wouldn't it be nice to be at two places at one? Now you can! Use your office computer from home, we can help with that...
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Wireless Card Installation

You don't need to be wired to be connected, take your computer anywhere in the house and still have internet...
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Data Backup Services
Is your data safe? Do you have backups of your important files? We can help setup continuous backups..
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Data Recovery Services
Disasters happen, hard drives crash and when they do we are here t help. We can get data back from dead drives...
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Format\Lost Files Recovery Accidentally deleted important files? Did a system restore without a backup? We can help get your files back..
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Login Password Recover
If you lost your windows login password, or having trouble logging in, we can help with that...
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New Computer Setup
So you bought a new computer, but hooking it up and setting it up can be difficult, we can help with that...
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Custom Built Computers
If you're looking for ultra performance gaming machine, you came to the right place, we build custom made PCs...

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Parental Control Setup Protect your children when using the computer. We have specialized software that will help safeguard all your PCs...
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