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Wireless Router Setup & Secure
Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a secure wireless home network. Say goodbye to wires and being stuck to a desk, take your laptop anywhere in your house and surf the web. We will help with set up, network security, configuration and file sharing for printers, PCs and other network devices. We'll set it up - all you have to do is enjoy it! Now it's possible for everyone in your home to be online at the same time, all from one super-fast, wireless connection A home network is simply a method of allowing computers to communicate with one another.

  Why do I need wireless network?
» Freedom of Mobility Throughout Your Home » Works with Laptops and Desktops
» No Unsightly Wires » Wireless Home Entertainment
» No Need To Run Wires From Floor to Floor » Wireless Media Server
» Wireless Internet Connection Sharing » Share Files and Printers Wirelessly

A wireless router makes it possible for you to share high-speed Internet access and connect all the computers in your home. A wireless router is the invisible, powerful centerpiece and foundation for your digital home network.

Is Your Wireless Network Secured? Did You know? 90% of households do not secure their wireless signal, exposing themselves to identity theft and hackers.

» Unsecured network can cause serious harm to your computer and your personal life, it invites outsiders to use your internet signal to download pirated music, movies or software. This does not cause any direct harm to the compromised network, but it can slow down Internet or network access.
» Another big problem is an unauthorized user could abuse your connection for malicious purposes like hacking, launching a DoS attack, or distributing illegal material. Since the intruder is a part of the private network and sits behind its gateway device, any traffic between him and the Internet will appear to be coming from the public IP address the ISP assigned to you.
» Having an unsecured network is also a direct backdoor into your private network - literally. Instead of intruding from the public side of the gateway device, the intruder connects directly to the network on the private side of the gateway device, completely bypassing any hardware firewall between the private network and the broadband modem.
» Most people assume that since they are behind a gateway device with a built-in firewall their private network is safe, hence letting down their guard, sharing drives, and being generally careless.

Same Day Local Pickup Service Available
If you can't bring in your computer to our shop, don't worry we'll come to you, pick it up and bring it back fixed! Some restrictions apply.

    Service Details
Evaluate existing network & devices being used
Install & configure wireless router
Enable and configure wireless security
Secure and configure each connected device 
Optional setup file/printer sharing
Test and verify security
Install complimentary FREE Anti-Virus protection

48 Hours Guaranteed Repair Turn-Around
We guarantee that most in-store repairs will be completed within 48 hours. Some Restrictions Apply.

How do I get service?
  Call us at: 201-456-4004 for any questions you may have and to schedule On-site or Pickup Appointment!
  Schedule Onsite or Pickup Appointment Click Here to complete a quick request form. We'll call you to confirm.
  Bring in your computer to our shop located at 199 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604.
We're open: Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm,  Saturday: 10am - 4pm, Sunday: By Appointment Only
  Mail your laptop to our shop. Click Here to complete a quick request form & we'll email you a shipping label which you can use to ship your laptop to us. We'll call you to confirm. (Mail in service available for laptop computers only)




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